MB121 - Testing new girl Inga

Added September 4, 2011 ---- 96 pictures + 5:50 minutes of video

Aaawwww, it is young Inga’s first time on MetalBondage.com. She told us she would try anything, hoping to be one of the member favorites, and getting lots of fan requests. But Inga looks fragile. She is tiny and a little scared. Will she hold her own between our top MetalBondage slave girls? Will she be chastity belted and become a regular metal bound pet slave? You decide! Watch Inga cope with a RigidFiddle model ‘oo’ and a spreader bar between her heavy ankle cuffs. We give her all the tools she needs to escape, so she can prove herself to you!

3 Responses to Testing new girl Inga

  1. Tom says:

    Sweet lick but something is missing.
    Now the third girl without chastity belt???
    Is´t out of stock? :)

  2. slave3109aze says:

    it’s very funny…

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