MB346 - Heavy metal Box Tie

Added December 27, 2015 ---- 84 pictures + 4:04 minutes of video

Only once have we featured this device before: on the busty Chessie Kay. So it is about time to try it again! Our regular bondage slave Ingrid seems like a good candidate, she is tall and agressive. Perfect! The box tie device slides onto her upper arms, locks the wrists in place in separate cuffs (padlocked with small locks) which are covered by a large metal flap with a big padlock. No chance of escape, we even gave Ingrid the keys to frustrate her a little bit more. She is so beautiful when she is angry and struggling!!

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  1. WendyNeko says:


  2. Mariusz says:

    I just love exxagerated metal bondage, bondage that is certainly more than enough to keep a girl securely and inescapably restrained. And this is one of these, the “abundant metal” look intensifies the helplessness portrayed!

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