MB351 - Ingrid in the custom heavy stocks

Added January 31, 2016 ---- 88 pictures + 4:08 minutes of video

Aah our custom built stocks! Just how MetalBondage.com stocks need to be: heavy, shiny, and tight! Poor Ingrid will have the challenge of her lifetime trying to get out of these! We give her the little keys to the padlocks and see how far she will get! Probably not very far, because we locked the padlocks on the backside. Ingrid won’t escape, but she will probably get very tired and frustrated! Just how we like it!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Custom SteelBound Stocks

8 Responses to Ingrid in the custom heavy stocks

  1. Michael says:

    Ingrid, I take pleasure in seeing you helpless because you’re hot. Truth is as inescapable as bondage.

  2. fokusnik says:

    Hi. She’s definitely beautiful and looks great bound, but a nice belt (or nothing at all) would have been better than those panties.

  3. WendyNeko says:

    Please put her in a cage! She looks really angry, I don’t want to be killed by her…

  4. Forestier says:

    Stocks rock!

  5. someextra work says:

    She realy needed a partner back to back using the neck part with the other ones handt in the others. and panties must go belt or nothing.seated on floor and leg spreder so they won’t tip over on side.

  6. Mariusz says:

    These stocks are my favourite bondage toy! So heav and so absolutely inescapable! Very nice to see Ingrid struggling with them on… :)

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