MB059 - Romy is belted, clamped, and muzzled

June 27, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

This week’s update raises the age old question: how annoying is it to be locked in a (perfectly fitting) chastity belt, while wearing an padlocked metal collar with integrated muzzle, and having your wrists clamped to a piece of heavy pipe? Okay maybe that question is not age old… but Romy knows the answer! She is used to her chastity belt, it’s tight but she can handle that. The muzzle is slightly more annoying, since the rigid attachment to her collar prevents her from turning her head. But Romy is frustrated most by that stupid piece of pipe, the wrist clamps swivel and they are not even locked, but still she can’t get out!! Romy is so cute when she’s angry ;-)

One Response to Romy is belted, clamped, and muzzled

  1. alex says:

    cute mask – now we need the girls to kiss wearing them!!
    Dont fancy the hand hardware.

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