MB084 - Penelope in our new thigh bands

December 19, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

It’s the super tall Penelope again! The extreme giraffe collar (on screen collaring in video) is not much of a problem for her elegant neck. So we try our latest custom item: a pair of chained thigh bands, secured to the back of the very tight waist belt. A kind of metal garter belt! We crucify this large boobed slave (she still has not lost that attitude) to a large pole configuration, running a chain through the top, so she can lower only one wrist at the time, pulling the other one up as she does so. A lot of rattling in this update, there are chains everywhere, like requested by a lot of our members. We like these new thigh bands! Any thigh band suggestions for future shoots? Please send them in!

One Response to Penelope in our new thigh bands

  1. Forestier says:

    Nice girl, but as she is immobilized, one cannot see really how the thigh bands act.

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