MB114 - AnnaBelle Lee looooooooves metal

July 17, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Little miss AnnaBelle Lee came to us because ‘you guys have the best metal bondage stuff!’. Yes, she has appeared on big bondage sites, even in metal bondage, but apparently their gear wasn’t shiny enough. This girl really gets off on the feel of cold smooth metal on her skin. She even asked if she could be fully nude for this shoot, so she could enjoy it more. So here she is, locked in our stuff at the waist, neck, ankles (with spreader bar), and wrists (with improved heavier chain). If you ever wanted to see a girl get really excited by heavy steel bondage items, this is the one to watch! Needless to say, AnnaBelle will be back soon!

7 Responses to AnnaBelle Lee looooooooves metal

  1. Manuel says:

    AnnaBelle seems to be enjoying every moment and every inch of metal in her body. It seems a very confortable bondage. Maybe a metal dildo or speculum to fill the picture and give little disconfort also.
    Sitting in the bar was great…
    The tonge is the ultimate metal polisher

  2. Michael says:

    AnnaBelle Lee is enjoying herself too much. Her vagina needs to be protected with a chastity belt.

  3. Dieter says:

    She looks so great that my Dick trying to blowing up.
    Shes so sweet =) Can i have her Number please?? =)
    Please more Picture with AnnaBelle Lee. Shes the Greastest alltime!

  4. Money says:

    This bitch looks so cute. Puts her in a chastity belt! Such a beauty have to be protected. I love her so much and would love an autograph from her. Please bring more of her. many thanks

  5. the fortunate male says:

    what would I give to such a pretty woman and may take time to tie. she looks great with the metal and a chastity belt would complement the overall picture again. she’s so great :-)
    it’s great if I could get an autograph from her. she is the best one you have here and please more photos with her..


  6. Tam_lin_ says:

    Of all the girls here, AnnaBelle Lee is the one I like the most. She expresses so well the sheer joy of it. If she was just pretending… well, she feinted it very well :))

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