MB154 - Victoria is not so Sweet

April 22, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

This new girl calls herself Victoria Sweet. And she looks the part, young, innocent, and a tight hot body! But it turns out she is not so sweet at all! She is protesting and debating every little thing, so we decided to punish her by locking her in a chastity belt from her very first shoot. We don’t normally do this, but for Victoria, there was no other option. We keep her hands rigidly locked in front of her by using a RigidFiddle model 8, and by keeping her locked like this for at least one hour we try to make clear to her that she needs to calm down. Wow… that didn’t work :)

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: RigidFiddle 'oo'

2 Responses to Victoria is not so Sweet

  1. Tom says:

    Welcome Victoria S!
    You seems to feel comfortable to be chastity belted, so it could certainly be worn for longer periods.
    I hope no onet take it of her, when she went home ……

  2. Forestier says:

    Simple although effective restraints, sexy and energetic girl, that’s all I need.

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