MB184 - Pet girl Natalia Forrest in the tiny dog cage

November 18, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Some girls you just want to keep! Especially because they are not the type that want to be kept. Posh girl Natalia Forrest is locked into a tight chastity belt and collar. She is on a long leash, and she has been told she will be free (of the chastity belt and collar) if she obeys and locks herself into a very small dog cage. There is barely any room for Natalia to move around, but she manages to get herself in and lock the door. Of course, we did not tell her how long she would have to be in there… sleep well Natalia! And don’t play with yourself ;-)

2 Responses to Pet girl Natalia Forrest in the tiny dog cage

  1. Tom says:

    She looks to feel good in the cage, but no masturbation and I think this is good for her …

  2. franz muller says:

    She is very hot , and extrem atractive.
    She enjoys it herself
    nice done

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