MB239 - A dress for the Lady Roswell

December 8, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

The Red Lady returns! Even though she says metal bondage is beneath her, she keeps coming back for more! Maybe she secretly likes our heavy gear? That’s what we tried to find out in today’s update! Looking at Roswell Ivory’s curves, we realised she might be a perfect fit for our Steel Hobble Dress. The dress is super heavy, and once it is bolted on, it is primarily held up by the waist belt, the smallest part. It looked incredible on Roswell, her boobs are just the right size for the dress. Of course, she complained about having to hold up the dress to relieve pressure on the top of her boobs, so we helped her by padlocking her wrists to her waist, so she could support the weight whenever she liked. There are some incredible pictures and a video for you to study the fit of the dress on Roswell’s body! Don’t miss this one!

2 Responses to A dress for the Lady Roswell

  1. Tom says:

    Always fun to see this Steel Hobble Dress on various models.

  2. Pat says:

    It’s harder to hold it up at the waist with her elbows bent then it would have been had you locked her wrists to her thighs instead. In this shoot her muscles are holding it all up and so her armes tired faster and ache harder forcing her to hest them and the dress on her boobs. But that’s what you wanted wasn’t it?

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