MB284 - Jenni C and Melissa – connected

October 19, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

Training Jenni C and Melissa is always hard. Still, there is some progress! When they recently visited me for some shoots, they already assumed they would be locked in chastity belts all the time (they stayed for 4 days, locked in their belts). You can read more about this here on ChastityBabes.com. But I wanted to add something more. A bit of bondage, so they had to cooperate more, which would take their minds off the chastity belts. I connected their necks using the Connect-A-Model System (TM), which is pretty heavy metal bondage. It is also very rigid, meaning they had to move at the same time, and this is especially funny since Melissa is a little shorter than Jenni!! This is how you make friends! They can’t get away from each other!

2 Responses to Jenni C and Melissa – connected

  1. Chastity Lover says:

    Jenni C is so beautiful! She shows such great personality in her modeling. Metal looks so good on her!

    Melissa again! Another beauty who looks so sexy with metal restraints tightly locked on her.

    I really love the scene where they move beside each other on all fours. It’s such a wonderful view of their lovely bodies and attributes!

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