MB292 - Pling in the heavy stocks

December 14, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

Swedish fetish model Pling is such a cute girl! She genuinely loves bondage, and she is one of the few models who actually come to the studio in their OWN tight chastity belt. She usually doesn’t even bring the keys, so we just have to shoot with the belt on! Pling loves to try all of my heavy metal gear, and she had been wanting to be locked in the heavy stocks for a quite a while! Well, okay… if you insist… Pling puts up a lovely struggle, her long long braid swinging around as she tries to get comfortable in this steel predicament! Nice!

3 Responses to Pling in the heavy stocks

  1. Tom says:

    Tack Pling!
    Always fun to see Pling visit metalbondage.com

  2. ChastityLover says:

    It’s a pleasure to see Pling in heavy metal. She came to the right place to get lots of bondage and control in your metal restraints. I don’t see any escape from that heavy spreader unless you unlock it.

  3. Mariusz says:

    I find the fact that she has showed up with her own chastity belt locked tightly around her waist and the added fact that she didn’t even bring the keys with her! And why would she ever do it? That chastity belt is designed to be IRREMOVABLE after all. And she was probably sure that you wouldn’t mind her sporting that secure chastity belt anyway!

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