MB323 - FEATURE: Kidnapped ballet dancer

July 19, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

A new installment in our FEATURE series! The lovely Ariel Anderssen is an accomplished ballet dancer (as well as a very kinky bondage model), and she has done many ballet shoots. We asked her to come over in her ballet outfit and perform a little dance for us. “I don’t think I can do any full splits today”, Ariel said before we started. Well, don’t worry about that… we will help you a little! Ariel woke up in heavy chains, collared, and waist belted, with her arms high above her head. Her long legs are pulled all the way into a very extreme full split and chained to the wall. Good exercise Ariel, just stay there for a while, that will stretch those muscles!

3 Responses to FEATURE: Kidnapped ballet dancer

  1. SP says:

    Her panicked wake up ;) was a nice touch.

    The hanging reverse prayer before….now this. She’s kinda bendy all over isn’t she.

    It’s a little like Lilly’s kidnapping….Maybe it was the right look but the wrong girl…

    I gotta go listen to something. :)

  2. WendyNeko says:

    Very impressive!

    • SP says:

      Rumor is, the next update in this series is a student in France learning risk assessment.

      Kind of ironic when you think about it.

      The subject acquisition team is probably already en route. ;)

      Enjoy the beautiful day Wendy. :)

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