MB378 - Little Caprice – a difficult challenge

August 7, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

A member requested a girl on the One Bar Prison, in a RigidFiddle, and leg irons. Well, we did not just get any girl: we got Little Caprice! There should be a very very small chance of escape to make her try. But to escape, Caprice would have to get out of the RigidFiddle (something that has only been done by about 2 in every 100 models), and even then she would be stuck on the One Bar Prison. So we used the old version of the dildo pole. Should she somehow escape her fiddle, she would have to bend over and reach the adjuster knob. This all sounds very impossible, but Little Caprice… well she is as amazing as she is famous! Don’t miss this!

5 Responses to Little Caprice – a difficult challenge

  1. Tom says:

    Little Caprice, One Bar Prison and RigidFiddle.
    This update, made my day! :)

  2. MentalMickey says:

    any chance of updating the clips4sale site with the recent clips – it hasn’t been updated in a few weeks now?

  3. Forestier says:

    I wonder how long can a girl be imprisoned on this bar…

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