MB411 - Darina Nikitina – chained to the wall

March 26, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

Uh oh! Darina is in some trouble! Well, that’s how these ‘peril’ websites would describe it. We would just say: Darina is locked into a lot of heavy metal restraints, chained to the wall, with a magic wand vibrator pressed against a strategic spot. This isn’t peril, or trouble, this is awesome! Darina’s neck is firmly fixed to the wall, her arms and legs spread out wide. There is nothing she can do to stop the magic wand from doing its job. Maybe she doesn’t want to stop it, we can’t really tell. It looks like she is having a good time, what do you think?

3 Responses to Darina Nikitina – chained to the wall

  1. fokusnik says:

    Darina is a beauty, no doubt about it.
    Nicely spread is always a great position, too. ;-)

  2. foobazz says:

    Ooo yes, yes, yes! Perfect!
    An amazing Girl in great restraints! The nice waist-band, her hot nakedness, the vibrator … :D … one of the greatest sessions ever !!!
    Please more of that!

  3. Michael says:

    Looks like fun. All Darina can do is enjoy the show.

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