MB413 - Stella Cox – introducing The Spider!

April 9, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

After a lot of testing and building, we can finally reveal our latest device: The Spider!! It is a very evil metal device, designed to make our models completely helpless. Stella Cox will demonstrate just how helpless the Spider can make her. First a waist band is locked on, with a rigid pole extending back. Stella then lies on her stomach, and the rest of the Spider device is attached. Her ankles and wrists are locked in the device above and behind her, so she is in a nice arched position. This is inescapable, and the beautiful thing is: we can arch her even more by pulling the Spider up and repositioning the pin on the vertical post. How much can we bend Stella? Just watch the video and see for yourself!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Padded Small Collar, The Spider

4 Responses to Stella Cox – introducing The Spider!

  1. foobazz says:

    … absolute great device! :D … and a very nice girl in it!
    Naked sexy bodies in cold steel – what can be better?!

  2. Duke says:

    Is a suspension possible in this device?

  3. Leathers says:

    Ingenious! Outdid yourself this time.

  4. WendyWarrior says:

    I must admit: this device is just great!
    When can I try it? [LOL]

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