MB442 - Sam’s boobs in Izzy’s face

October 29, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

Izzy Delphine’s friend Sam Lee has got big boobs! This gave us the following idea: what if the girls were restrained in such a way that Sam’s boobs would literally be in Izzy’s face? We built a frame and locked Izzy to it. Then we put Sam on top of her, with her arms at a weird angle, so she had to lean forward, putting her boobs right in Izzy’s face. Sam was strong enough to lift herself up a few times, but her arm position made her fall back on top of Izzy. For Izzy, it was a scary torture, being suffocated by her best friend’s big boobs. But most guys would probably pay a lot to even be in Izzy’s position!

One Response to Sam’s boobs in Izzy’s face

  1. Daniel says:

    I wish for a double girl update similar like this or 328 (the more chains the better) where they can help each other out to get free, one girl will, the other not. Then the winner takes advantage and chains the other up even more. The looser is chained without hope, the winner even might get dressed (with a nice big watch) and tell how long the other will have to endure her “punishment”. Thanks.

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