MB524 - Arienh nose chained

May 26, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

Arienh is such a pure submissive! She does not need any bondage, she is so obedient! But this is MetalBondage.com, so we need to restrain her in some way today. At first, we locked her collar to a post, so she had to stay on her knees. Arienh patiently waited, her wrists locked together. It wasn’t very exciting. Until we got the idea of locking her permanent nose ring to the post! Now Arienh was restrained by just her nose piercing! And to prove how obedient she is, we did not even click the padlock shut for a while (but Arienh didn’t notice that). We just know she will sit there and wait, like the perfect sub she is.

5 Responses to Arienh nose chained

  1. Tom says:

    Arienh is so beautiful and 100% sub, but some restrain give us viewers so much more.

  2. ANnon82 says:

    No, chastity belt?

  3. Ron says:

    She is indeed a perfect sub. Why then are you not challenging her. No plugs no clamps ??? A perfect sub would also have nipple rings – real rings not boring studs. Why have you not done any of these things to her ?

  4. steve says:

    NICE! Love to see the gorgeous and beautiful Arienh on this site. Love the septum piercing but would really love to see Airenh with PIERCED NIPPLES matching her septum ring. How about small golden nipple bars PIERCING HER PERFECT NIPPLES!!!

  5. She is so NICE! Love to see Arienh on this site and her septum piercing but would really love to see Arirenh with PIERCED NIPPLES! Please, let it see next time! It would be so beautiful.

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