MB528 - Luna – impaled

Added June 23, 2019 ---- pictures + minutes of video

Luna is a local girl who wrote us about our One Bar Prison challenge. She thinks she can escape it! Well, wearing high heels it is impossible to escape the One Bar Prison, so we invited this 18-year old girl to come over and try! Once she was impaled, Luna had to admit she couldn’t escape, so we told her to put her dress back on and just stand there for a while. We eventually gave her the hex key so she could have a better shot at escaping, but she unscrewed the wrong screw so she was still stuck! Check out the picture set and the video of this brand new bondage talent, she wants to come back to try a lot more of our gear!

3 Responses to Luna – impaled

  1. Ivy says:

    Ah new face and I love this series

  2. Tom says:

    Luna is cute and of course will we see her again for more challenges.

  3. Verp says:

    Does she have instagram? I would loveeee to see her being tied up and her playing with her self

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