MB534 - Bree – head to toe

August 4, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

Remember Bree, the amazing flexibile submissive girl from the USA? She is back for more! We love to play with her flexibility. Not only can she do easy full splits, but she also can do crazy back arches. We made a small steel frame to chain her ankles to. Then we bent her around the frame by locking her toe cuffs to her Carrara mask! She supported herself with her arms, creating a beautiful arch with her amazing boobs pointing out straight ahead. We need to work a bit more on this position but it is an amazing first attempt!

2 Responses to Bree – head to toe

  1. Tam_lin_ says:

    As a foot + metal bondage fetishist, I cannot but love this video. Pity that there is only this one…

  2. tam_lin_ says:

    There are not many toe cuff videos around. If interested, you can find one here: https://www.boundlife.com/page/4/

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