MB538 - Little Lanta – caterpillar

September 1, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

Little Lanta is back for more bondage! This time we are going to test her flexibility again with our latest creation, the caterpillar stretch! Her wrists and ankles will be locked to the floor, but there is a metal contraption in the middle that will fold her in a very hard position with her ass up in the air. Because of her flexibility, Little Lanta (Atlanta Moreno) can still be stretched out, boobs on the floor, in this super vulnerable position. Not easy, but a lot of fun to watch this beautiful girl completely stuck in this enticing pose!

3 Responses to Little Lanta – caterpillar

  1. ravihorse says:

    wonderful display!! This is what is needed for potential pet sales!

  2. Tom says:

    I think she voluntarily wants a chastity belt in this position.

  3. anna says:

    The beautyful Atlanta is probably a real naughty girl and her spankable butt is in the Perfect posision for some good slaps from a broad leather-strap.

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