MB582 - The Nipple Clamps Training Machine!

July 5, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Young Diamondly is only 20 years old, but she already knows she wants to become a big bondage star! She will need a lot of training and experience for that, so we decided to help her a little. Diamondly can’t really handle clover clamps very well (yet), and we thought it would be great to build a training machine for her. We secured Diamondly firmly into place on a metal frame, her legs, neck, and arms locked. She couldn’t move at all, very essential for the Nipple Clamps Training Machine! A huge ballgag would hopefully stop her from making sound. It didn’t. Diamondly drooled, screamed, and cried as the relentless machine did its job of pulling her clover clamps over and over again. And then we turned up the speed…

3 Responses to The Nipple Clamps Training Machine!

  1. Tom says:

    Diamondly looks so good when she’s sitting there in the chastity belt, waiting to be trained by the maschine. A machine who not hear her scream and cry, when it pulls her nipples hard. Does she regret that she agreed, or will she be back for more?

  2. Peter Pan says:

    It is the most beautiful suffering I have ever seen

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