MB587 - Lina takes the double clamp challenge!

August 9, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

Tiny 19-year old Lina Roselina is very brave! This teen girl looks very innocent, but she does love some kinky things in her private life! We told her to clamp her nipples and labia, add a heavy ankle spreader bar, and then cuff herself with her hands overhead. We harness gagged her too! Lina was completely helpless, and she couldn’t remove those evil pinching clover clamps anymore. She tried moving around, and even turning, but it only caused the clover clamps to swing violently, hurting her poor nipples and labia. Quite a predicament!

2 Responses to Lina takes the double clamp challenge!

  1. Redfrigate says:

    Lovely update, and this is one of my favorite models. Please bring her back against one of the deepthroat predicaments (spring or machine!)

    Also, have you ever considered trying a dual bar prison setup? A one bar prison from below, and a deepthroat coming in from the top?

  2. Jon Sidor says:

    Please make more videos like this about “Labia clamps”, this category has only 4 videos. I believe there is big demand on BDSM market, because Japanese clover clamps were designed not only for tits.

    Tank you for consideration!

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