MB628 - Nora Sparkle – Automatic Throat Trainer

May 23, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

A new FoToRo machine! Incorporating the wonderful gag from HotSteelToys.com, I created a device that automates deep throat training. And as you know, I love automation! The lovely Nora Sparkle agreed to be my test subject for this first try. Her collar and wrists are locked to a steel pole, so she can’t move. The big harness ring gag keeps her mouth open, to allow a smooth curved dildo to slide into her throat unobstructed. Nora started drooling even before I turned on the machine! Endless rivers of drool, there was nothing she could do as I played with the speed of the deep throat trainer. It is a formidable device, but Nora is a pro, she handled her test run like a champ! What a machine! Don’t miss this exciting new training device, join this website to see this video clip, picture set, and 627 more updates for one low price!

4 Responses to Nora Sparkle – Automatic Throat Trainer

  1. Aika says:

    I love love love automation too!!! This was a great idea excellently executed and wow isn’t Nora a trooper! The hot hot automated bondage and that zoom in on the dripping liquid at the end makes this one of the hottest videos you’ve ever made for this site by far. Bravo bravo bravo!

  2. Alexander Verkooijen says:

    Great! Thanks! I love scenes with machines making the model do something.

  3. Sss says:


    Please more from this gag and machine!!!

  4. Master says:

    When will there be more video with this device?

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