MB640 - Liz and Blondie – chastity versus orgasm

August 15, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

I did a very fun experiment with Liz Rainbow and Blondie Fesser! Liz was locked in full chastity (with plugs) for a day, and she could give her friend Blondie as many orgasms as she wanted. All day long. Blondie was nude and not locked in any chastity gear. At first, both girls thought this would be a very fun day. But as the day went on, Blondie got very tired and Liz got very very horny and jealous. We filmed this experiment mostly for ChastityBabes.com, but of course, we had to lock Blondie to a Sybian during the day. Her collar and wrists are attached to a pole, and Liz was free to play with the remote. It was fun for Liz, but her frustration was growing when she saw Blondie reach another orgasm!

One Response to Liz and Blondie – chastity versus orgasm

  1. Ridingsiberian says:

    It would have been more interesting if the chastity bra had been removed and Blondie was allowed to play with Liz’s nipples while on the Sybian. Kind of a feedback loop.

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