MB090 - Ariel Piper Fawn in our first stork experiment

January 30, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

The lovely Ariel Piper Fawn returned to our studio for another shoot, and she went straight for the white chastity belt! It was locked on before we knew it. How’s that for training? :) Today, we will show you more of our custom Connect-A-Model metal bondage system. We tried building a replica of a medieval classic: the stork (or scavenger’s daughter). Locking it on Ariel was quite a job, but in the end she was fully restrained and unable to move an inch. The awkward sitting position was causing some discomfort because of her chastity belt, but she was a real trooper. It was a perfect creation, except for one little flaw… find out more about Ariel’s fascination by watching the video!

3 Responses to Ariel Piper Fawn in our first stork experiment

  1. Hansi says:

    Sehr schön. Endlich mal eine Video in dem gezeigt wird wie die Modells die Eisen angelegt bekommen und nicht schon anhaben. Hansi

  2. alex says:

    As far as i understand german i do agree – the proces into the stell is not to be missed!!

  3. TZH says:

    Ariel is so hot!! *woooooof*:-)

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