All updates for September 2010

MB072 - Tiffany and Vera ballgagging each other

September 26, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Close friends Tiffany and Vera will always try to help each other. They absolutely hate their chastity belts and they will do anything to be free again. We decide to allow them their escape attempt. But on one condition: they have to ballgag each other first! Vera (brunette) first gags Tiffany (blonde) with a good size pink ballgag. Then it’s Tiffany’s turn to gag Vera. They probably don’t know what to dislike more, the gags or the chastity belts, but they stick to their plan and try to get each other out of their belts with their bare hands. Unable to talk, all we hear is some grunts and moans from these first-time gagged girls. Training these two is really on schedule!!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Ballgag - Leather Strap, Chastity Belt

MB071 - The collaring of Jenni C

September 19, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Jenni C is back! We tried to put her into a chastity belt, but she refused. Something to do with her being one of the top glamour models on the internet today and what-might-people-say. Hmm… so we have to take it a little easier on her, gently getting her into that chastity belt, bringing her closer to accepting it every shoot. A tight solid metal waist belt is a good start! And lots of other pieces of heavy metal and chain might also help to ease the transition into a pet slave. Jenni C as a slave girl, who hasn’t dreamed of that? There’s also some hands-on collaring in the video, a much requested scene! Let’s hope Jenni will be back to take it a little further!

MB070 - New girl Tanya needs a lot of training

September 12, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Oh dear, this one is going to be a lot of trouble. New girl Tanya seems to think it is all very funny. She even thinks a RigidFiddle is a cool and snug device for having lots of fun. We show her how we only need three padlocks to make her completely helpless, but Tanya does not seem very bothered. She plays around and investigates, completely undaunted by her limited movement and the rigid devices. It’s okay, since this is her first time in metal bondage. But we had a chance to study her, and if you are like us, you will have noticed she has a very nice gag mouth ;-) Next time will not be funny! We promise!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: RigidFiddle 'oo', RigidSpreader Jo-2

MB069 - A brand new chastity belt for Hailey

September 5, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

We have fitted our blonde pet slave Hailey with a brand new chastity belt! We are not sure if she likes this one better, but we certainly do! It does not have chains in the back, it is a more solid design. It is also ergonomical at the waist line, and it has nice white lining. Let’s see Hailey strip for us and show us her new belt! We think she has come really far in her training, without any commands Hailey takes off all her clothes and connects her neck to our slave pole. She also attaches one wrist herself, and she only needs help with her other wrist (of course). Good Hailey! Now stay…