All updates for August 2022

MB694 - Ballet Sub Ella – leg up escape challenge

August 28, 2022 ---- picture set and video clip

A ballerina submissive is so much fun! Ella challenged me to lock her in a super stretched position, she just LOVES it! I locked one leg to the pole, as high as possible. Now Ella was balancing on one high heel, and she didn’t even have trouble maintaining the position. I knew I needed to do a bit more, so I chained her wrists up, and told her it was an escape challenge now. Ella was confused. How would she be able to get out this predicament? Check the video to see if she managed!

MB692 - Nikki Riddle on the One Bar Prison

August 14, 2022 ---- picture set and video clip

New girl Nikki Riddle tried the One Bar Prison! Why does no one believe me when I say it is inescapable? No other bondage needed, no leg restraints, no wrist cuffs, just a pair of high heels. It is just One Bar. Literally. Yes, a girl can be held in place by this device, she will not be able to escape. Nikki was just standing there, with the One Bar Prison inserted VERY deep. I teased her a bit, but in her heels there was really no way she could lift herself up more. She was completely stuck, held in place only by her pussy. So exciting and surreal!

MB691 - Medusa in the Posture Trainer

August 7, 2022 ---- picture set and video clip

Fit and strong Medusa laughed at the small Posture Trainer. Indeed, it’s small compared to my other training devices, but it is still inescapable and very restricting! Even Medusa wouldn’t be able to break it. She didn’t believe me, so here we go: the fierce Latina girl was locked in the device for a good while. I threw the key on the floor, but she couldn’t even reach it. Also, because she laughed at me, I used the HUGEST padlock I could find for her waist belt. Just to feel better about myself. And I did, sitting back, watching Medusa struggle in the Posture Trainer! She learned a lesson today!

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Gear: Posture Trainer