All updates for February 2024

MB772 - Alexis Luna chained to the wall

February 25, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

I had this imagine in my mind to chain professional wrestler and MMA fighter Alexis Luna to the wall. Because it seemed like fun! I was going to need a lot of heavy chains to hold this girl in place. She is the strongest model ever! Alexis was convinced she would be able to break free. I double chained her chastity belt and thigh bands to the wall first. That part was already strong enough for her to lift her feet off the floor! Ankles and wrists were held in place with heavy cuffs and chains, and a big heavy collar and a leather ballgag were added too. Alexis got really angry and crazy in this heavy bondage!! Now I had another problem: I couldn’t let her out until she calmed down, because I was afraid she would take revenge! Wow, this was intense!

MB771 - Cindy Dollar – serving tray

February 18, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

The dreaded serving tray is back! This heavy wooden tray is attached to a locking steel waist band, but that is not enough to hold it straight. It needs a pair of nipple clamps to make it perfectly level, and Cindy Dollar (with her sensitive nipples) wasn’t too happy about that. Not only that, I also locked her elbows and wrists in the tightest extreme steel bondage position, so there was no way for her to remove her clamps. I think Cindy makes a perfect waitress! Wouldn’t you like to have her walk around at your party, serving drinks?

MB770 - Anna Lemon – slave display unit

February 11, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

My new tiny submissive model Anna Lemon is just so cute! I want to keep her forever! In fact, I want to put her on display. So I put a slave post on top of the rotating platform and added some pipe clamps for Anna’s tiny wrists. With her collar locked to the post, she is completely immobile in this nice slave position. Now I can just turn on the display unit and round and round she goes! A perfect way to enjoy this stunning little slave girl in full chastity!

MB769 - Anc1lla – One Bar Prison in prison

February 4, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

This past week, I had Anc1lla in my prison. She signed a very complicated contract to be locked up voluntarily in the prison cell for a week. You can read more about all of the contract’s rules on her social media. I shackled and cuffed her many times in different setups, and she had a lot of fun posting updates for her fans from inside the jail cell. But Anc1lla was very naughty, and she couldn’t stop touching herself. I just had to finish the week with a fun predicament: the One Bar Prison. I just left her standing there for a long time, until I came back just to hand her her phone. Anc1lla made some selfie videos after I left her again. Finally, I came back to let her go. It was a perfect end to her prison week!
Do you want to be in this prison cell, cuffed and handled by a female guard? You can! More information on!

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