All updates for October 2009

MB024 - Rigid spreader bars for Romy

Added October 25, 2009 ---- 58 pictures + 4:40 minutes of video

We have really unique spreader bars to go with our custom made restraints. What’s so special about them? They are more rigid than normal spreaders, because they can only move in one direction (up and down). And, like our restraints, they don’t require locks. How do they work? You will have to see the video of Romy – gagged for the first time ever – to see this limited movement construction in action!

MB023 - Taking it easy on new pet slave Christina

Added October 18, 2009 ---- 71 pictures + 5:48 minutes of video

Sweet blonde Christina is our newest pet slave girl. We have to take it easy on her, as she is a little shy and nervous. Locking her into cold steel transforms Christina into a silent and obedient girl. She spends ages studying her new jewelry, as if trying to work out if any escape is possible. Next time we will continue her training and step it up a notch, but for now: enjoy pure beauty in steel!!

MB022 - Fixed wrist spreader and posture collar

Added October 11, 2009 ---- 57 pictures + 7:08 minutes of video

Hmm, this is strange… Gina (from brought her own harness ring gag, but it turns out she does not like to be gagged with a ring gag. It makes her drool a lot, she says. Well then, why bring it? It will remain a mystery to us. Let’s just see how far Gina will get when we give her to keys to her restraints, drooling or not!

MB021 - Ivy in chastity belt and RigidStock

Added October 4, 2009 ---- 66 pictures + 8:07 minutes of video

New girl Ivy has a rough start on A chastity belt, heavy leg shackles, and a RigidStock. There is not much she can do, but unfortunately Ivy doesn’t know that. She thinks she can free herself, and watching her try is so much fun! Sit back and enjoy a nice long video of Ivy struggling in her RigidStock! Priceless!