All updates for June 2009

MB007 - Shenenne helpless in chain bondage

Added June 28, 2009 ---- 104 pictures + 5:31 minutes of video

Still in her custom made steel collar, waist band, and cuffs, Shenenne is gagged and restrained in a tight chain bondage. Her wrists are crossed behind her back and padlocked to two special loops on the back of her waist band. Helpless!!!

MB005 - Milena in posture collar and spreader bar

Added June 14, 2009 ---- 57 pictures + 4:17 minutes of video

Milena is handcuffed to a long heavy metal spreader bar that runs through her metal posture collar ring. We give her the key, but the struggle is useless, Milena remains tightly gagged and helpless.

MB004 - Carly teasing Lex and Kim in metal stocks

Added June 7, 2009 ---- 43 pictures + 3:38 minutes of video

The picture set shows Lex and Kim locked in very heavy RigidStocks. In the video, Carly takes advantage of the situation by playing with Kim, gagging and tickling her powerless victim.

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Ballgag - Metal Strap, RigidStock D-L