MB120 - Local girl Giovanna in spreader bars

August 28, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Remember this girl? Giovanna is not a model, but a local girl who wanted to try out our stuff! She is a real life submissive and she loves to be restrained! So we shot her in 2009, letting her try out some of our gear. Here is the other shoot we did that day: Giovanna in lockless cuffs on her wrists, ankles, and neck, connected by equally lockless spreader bars. No escape, no locks, no keys, it is not even possible for her to reach her other wrist with her hand. And did we mention local girls always look better ballgagged? ;-)

6 Responses to Local girl Giovanna in spreader bars

  1. Ed says:

    Wait a minute! This is Giovanna’s second appearance on metal bondage with no chastity belt? How did that happen. Time to punish models for giving the finger. Nipple clamps might be the perfect solution for misbehaving.

    • webmaster says:

      Twice is the maximum without belt, so that is alright, next time she will be belted, if she comes back. Nipple clamps as a punishment is not enough, because they are easily removed, how do you suggest she should be restrained (so she can not take the clamps off?).

      • Forestier says:

        Stocks are always the solution! (Although I do not approve any pain giver: restraints are quite enough for me.)

  2. Ed says:

    Easy! Attach a third spreader bar. However the method would be different. The first bar handcuffs Giovanna behind her back. The second locks her feet apart. And the third spreader bar connects both bars together so the bondage girl cannot move her hands in front of her!

  3. Ed says:

    Or, just lock up Giovanna in bondage mittens, that’ll take care of her sore middle finger.

  4. Tom says:

    Give her a chastity belt and send her home, (no key), to coming back next day! ;-)

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