MB169 - Tyra locked in a RigidStock

August 5, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Today we are introducing the lovely Tyra! She certainly has got the looks! A tiny waist and big boobs, a body you want to lock in a chastity belt (to give her that corseted feeling) and a RigidStock (to allow everyone a good view, because she keeps covering herself with her hands). But it is only her first time at MetalBondage.com… surely we are not going to do that to her? Well, we couldn’t help ourselves. It is Tyra’s own fault really. She is too gorgeous, and we could not wait until the next time to see her in a chastity belt. Tyra is confused, is she really expected to escape this frustrating RigidStock? It seems impossible…

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Chastity Belt, RigidStock TL

4 Responses to Tyra locked in a RigidStock

  1. Tom says:

    First visit and already the chastity belt on!
    I like it and hope she comes back and then to try both thigh bands and bra …

  2. Tim says:

    well Rigidstocks are made for young woman :)

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