MB195 - Alexia Valentine’s sliding gag predicament

February 3, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Finally, Alexia Valentine returns to shoot with us! This young upcoming bondage talent really loves a challenge and we have got one for her today! Locked in a tight full chastity outfit AND sexy lingerie and heels, Alexia will attempt to deal with our evil sliding gag predicament! We padlock her wrists and elbows behind her in extreme metal bondage gear, so she can not use her arms at all. Then we gag her using a huge ballgag, padlocking the gag to a metal pole. The evil bit? Well, of course we can adjust the position of the gag on the pole to make her kneel and stand up. But if we just let the metal eye slide freely, Alexia’s gag will slide ever so slightly down the pole. Her awkward angle makes sure she can only slide it down, not up, eventually forcing her face all the way down to the floor! So much fun to watch the inevitable!

3 Responses to Alexia Valentine’s sliding gag predicament

  1. Tom says:

    Nice to see a model well gagged. But how about doing that MORE often? The metal contraptions are amazing.

  2. Traumaemt says:

    Lets see her try this same thing with thigh bands padlocked together, her elbow bands chained to the bra straps, and her wrist bands chained to the waist belt ( or somewhere on the back strap of the belt, for some comfort)!! That would be really cool!! I bet she doesn’t make it to the floor!!!! The amount of drool (from many areas, I bet :) ) would be quite heavy, I think!!

  3. DDT says:

    Cute shoes and stockings! Reminded me of Minnie Mouse! Nice contrast to Alexia’s serious chastity garments. Terrific predicament, one I’d like to see more of–thoroughly enjoyed watching her lose her battle to keep the metal sleeve up high on the pole. Would have liked to have seen photos of her lying on the floor.

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