MB221 - A new challenge for Natalia Forrest

August 4, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

We have some of the most creative members! We received a suggestion to build an extremely long fiddle that would stretch a girl’s arms all the way out. Many thanks for that great idea! Not from Natalia though, she isn’t very happy that all the new ideas seeem to get tested on her. The truth is, she was just hanging around the studio (yes, in her chastity belt, for another website), so we grabbed her and our custom Connect-A-Model-System to try this! A girl and this modular bondage system is really all you need to have fun, the best toys in the world! It turned out to be quite harsh, because she has to keep her arms completely straight, any bending of the elbows and she is choking herself with the collar. Let’s see if Natalia can escape from this!

One Response to A new challenge for Natalia Forrest

  1. Tom says:

    A good idea and lucky for her the chastity belt is on.

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