MB235 - An interesting contraption for Natalia

November 10, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

We love Natalia Forrest! She is a regular model here at MetalBondage.com, although she doesn’t seem to like it very much. Or does she complain only to hide her secret desires? We will never know why she keeps coming back, but it allows us to create the most devious predicaments for this feisty girl! Natalia always looks great in a chastity belt, so there is no chance she will ever appear again without being locked in a tight belt, even though she had some bad experiences with that. This time, we used our modular Connect-A-Model system to create a device that will squeeze Natalia into a metal ball tie. Interestingly enough, her legs are too long to get them out, even though they are not restrained at all. Sitting down, Natalia hunched into a ball shape. Lying down, she has to keep her head up because the distance between her collar and knees is very short. Brilliant device! We can think of many more additions and variations to this one! Can you? Please comment!

8 Responses to An interesting contraption for Natalia

  1. Vern says:

    Great set, seems you forgot the ankle cuffs though!

  2. kev says:

    Is she wearing a plug? the last picture looks like she has the replacement secondary shield ??

  3. Tom says:

    Always fun to see Natalia Forrest and she really fits in chastity belt – Perhaps therefore she’s coming back to you? She should have one with her, when she goes home. Of course, without a key!
    The Connect-A-Model System. So simple, yet very effective. The rod that goes down towards her feet should be attached in something!

  4. Marios says:

    Oh dear, so helpless in a position that screams louder than words. In a position that would make a man take advantage of her. Fortunately for her, she need not worry about that since she is protected by such attempts whether she would like it or not!!

  5. Forestier says:

    Highly interesting contraption: simple and perfectly restraining. Perhaps a slightly longer and bent (or articulated) neck stem would make it more comfortable and so wearable for a longer time.

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