MB259 - Flying Yu!

April 27, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

The beautiful Yu from Taiwan recently spent 24 hours at our studios (literally), locked in a chastity belt and a chastity bra for www.chastitybabes.com (go there if you haven’t seen Yu getting a little upset about having to sleep in her chastity gear). So I thought we’d just as well shoot a set for this site, since she was already locked in so much metal, walking around in the studio with nothing to do. This has got to be the greatest frame I have built so far! Yu is flying! She is completely off the floor, her ankles lifted up by heavy cuffs and chains. She is in a side split position with her neck rigidly fixed to a pipe with a very tight collar. Even if I didn’t padlock her wrists together behind her back, she still would not be able to get off this frame by herself! As demonstrated in the video clip! Don’t miss this evil metal showcasing position!

6 Responses to Flying Yu!

  1. Tom says:

    What a good idea to let her wear the chastity belt and bra, but would have been fun if her hands had be free. What would she do then?
    Always fun when a girl try to open her chastity belt by pulling and banging on the padlock with her hands. ;)

  2. Gladiator says:

    Yu is great. Reminds me of my x wife.

  3. steve says:

    WOW! Yu is absolutely gorgeous looking in this outfit and this predicament is superb. Please bring Yu back. She is such a lovely and gorgeous Asian beauty and exotic and a wonderful body. I would suggest an ever more strict restraint as well as being double plugged for the audience members. Maybe even adjust her to the sybian or even an hitachi vibrator. Thanks!

  4. 我12 says:


  5. jason says:

    NICE!! Wow, Yu is fantastic and absolutely LOVE this update from several years ago. Would be nice for this gorgeous Asian Chinese Taiwanese model to make a return apperance to this site. Webmaster, is there any remote change of bringinig this lovely and perfectly beautiful Lady backk to this site for some more intense fetish / bdsm shoots? would be a wonderful addition to see her once again after all these years.


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