MB408 - Tina Kay – impaled and displayed

March 5, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

We took our heavy One Bar Prison with the missile dildo to an empty office building to shoot something different. We just needed a reluctant model for this idea, and there was no one more reluctant than the famous and gorgeous Tina Kay! She wasn’t sure what we wanted to do, but she likes anything with dildos so she went along with it… at first. Once we got her stuck on the One Bar Prison, she found out that there was no way she could get off. Because she was wearing high heels, she was completely stuck, impaled on a heavy steel pole. We told her to put her dress back on and moved her closer to the window. Now Tina was displayed for everyone to see, standing in front of the window, but she couldn’t move. And no one could tell she was stuck. Awesome!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: One Bar Prison - Custom Design

8 Responses to Tina Kay – impaled and displayed

  1. Justin says:

    Could you somehow fix a chastity belt to the top of the one-bar prison to prevent touching by the victim?

  2. Pat says:

    I’ve always wondered the same thing. However the girl in question must really be in the dog house as having access in its current configuration is quite the sugar coating. But they don’t see that silver lining of this particular cloud anyway.

    The simplest way would be to replace the dildo with a ring and lock it to one of the belts with another ring at the crotch and/or a plug.

    Another way to do it would be to use an open slotted belt with a rod directly in the the plug or dildo. Said rod is usually joined at the other end to an ankle spreader bar. But with the right sizing and adapters, it should slide right onto this pole.

    However you decide to do it, heels would be optional.

  3. Ted says:

    Sorry Justin and Pat, but I’ll have to disagree very strongly! What you’re proposing is just an entirely different story, not the one bar prison. Don’t mess with the one bar prison. It’s beautiful for its simplicity… there have been hundreds of updates with chastity belts and they have been great! So can you please please please let the webmaster keep this one beautiful contraption as beautiful and simple as it is?
    A belt mounted on a bar would just be a belt mounted on a bar but NEVER a one bar prison!!!

    • Random commenter says:

      Agreed. The webmaster has a whole chastity belt site if you want that, the one bar prison is my favorite thing at this site.

      Love this update! Thanks!

    • Pat says:

      Does that also mean no vibrators nor TENS units connected?

      • Ted says:

        it means that the whatever keeps a woman from escaping the one bar prison should be that one bar and that this simplicity musn’t be touched… if that one bar vibrated or if you attached a TENS unit, you’d still have one bar holding her… so I can see nothing wrong with that. You could also blindfold or nippleclampt the girl.
        But those who want a chastity belt on a bar INSTEAD of the beautiful one-bar prison haven’t quite understood why others like it.

  4. Tom says:

    I like it, but will see two girls at the same time in “one bar prison”.
    Nice video when they talk to each other and try to escape.

  5. Pat says:

    Would it be too harsh or too cruel or otherwise going to far if you tease someone in this predicament by saying you have a buyer lined up? The reaction you would get would be quite the test.

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