MB439 - Samantha Bentley impaled

October 8, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

There are still people who don’t believe the One Bar Prison is an inescapable bondage device (when used with high heels of course). So we need to keep demonstrating this to you. With different girls preferably. For Samantha Bentley, it is a bit of a harsh welcome to MetalBondage.com. It’s her first time here, and already she is impaled on the One Bar Prison with the missile head attachment. She is so stuck she can’t even move. She can not bend over, so we hand her the tool to lower the device but she can’t reach the adjuster screw. Samantha got really desperate, standing in her tall heels, held in place by a metal dildo. We just told her to put her little black dress back on… and that we’d be back later…

4 Responses to Samantha Bentley impaled

  1. Tom says:

    This One Bar Prison is a good thing to park ladies and knowing she be standing there.
      Still, I’m waiting to see two ladies with two One Bar Prisons.

  2. Wiktor says:

    Make some new challenge, impale some girl for longer time and do not help her so fast = lets make longer clips

    • c5 says:

      She will need a rope stabilizer… tie her arms behind back in an arm bar and keep the tension to the ceiling… if she gets tired it just pulls her arms up tigher for some bondage but she won’t ever sink too deep if she starts to stumble.

      then you could get your endurance bondage style for sure.

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