MB519 - Bree – full split

April 21, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

We had quite a few flexible models over the years! And we locked some of them in a full split, which is quite a predicament! Muscles cramp, and it is an exhausting position to maintain. New girl Bree reckoned she could do it. Well, let’s see! Locked in a heavy steel waist belt and collar, plus ankle and wrist cuffs of course, Bree did a few warming up exercises before we chained her into a full split, locked to the wall. Legs open as wide as possible, Bree was amazed by how helpless she felt. There was no escape, even with her hands free. Of course, we locked her hands to the wall too, and we left Bree to struggle for a while. Such an impressive skill! Well done Bree!

2 Responses to Bree – full split

  1. Tom says:

    Wow I give her 5 stars!
    Bree is cute and flexible. This is a new way to be “locked to the wall”
    As I like chastity belts on females, it had been an extra star if she had it.

  2. Dude says:

    She’s very gorgeous, the predicament even more fun

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