MB555 - Mistress Kristin on her toes

December 29, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

Mistress Kristin is back! She never did any submissive shoots anywhere, but we make her do things she has never done before. This time, we challenge her to spend some time on the One Bar Prison. This usually requires high heels: the One Bar Prison works because the model is already on her toes in high heels so she can’t lift herself any higher to escape. But for Mistress Kristin, we decided she should be bare feet, and stand on a little bar with her heels. This has the same effect: Mistress Kristin is completely stuck. She stood around for a while, and we even told her to put her dress back on. She was not a happy Mistress!

3 Responses to Mistress Kristin on her toes

  1. Bracemaiden says:

    Does the one bar prison work anally? In other words, it is chastity belt compatible?

  2. Ivy says:

    Nice variation, but I still prefer the usual high heels so the girl still can spin around freely and show the struggle to get out from the pole.

  3. fokusnik says:

    I would rather see it used anally without the chastity belt, but even with it, it would still be good !

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