MB618 - Camushii – nipple clamps training

March 14, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

Cute little Camushii was very nervous for her first ever nipple clamps challenge! She has very sensitive nipples, with piercings, so clover clamps were going to be quite hard for this inexperienced girl. But such a cute submissive needs to learn how to wear nipple clamps for a while, so we instructed her to crawl to the slave parking spot, nipple clamp herself, and lock her heavy collar to the post. Camushii did as she was told, but the urge to remove the clamps was very big. So we locked her wrists behind her back and gagged her with a 2 inch ballgag. Now all Camushii could do was wait… and deal with her nipple clamps!

One Response to Camushii – nipple clamps training

  1. Pat says:

    Using clamps on nipples already pierced seems a little redundant when the piercings them selves can potentially serve the same function without the nipple torture.

    Clamps (even clover clamps) can only be worn for short periods and are prone to slipping off.

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