MB769 - Anc1lla – One Bar Prison in prison

February 4, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

This past week, I had Anc1lla in my prison. She signed a very complicated contract to be locked up voluntarily in the prison cell for a week. You can read more about all of the contract’s rules on her social media. I shackled and cuffed her many times in different setups, and she had a lot of fun posting updates for her fans from inside the jail cell. But Anc1lla was very naughty, and she couldn’t stop touching herself. I just had to finish the week with a fun predicament: the One Bar Prison. I just left her standing there for a long time, until I came back just to hand her her phone. Anc1lla made some selfie videos after I left her again. Finally, I came back to let her go. It was a perfect end to her prison week!
Do you want to be in this prison cell, cuffed and handled by a female guard? You can! More information on BondageTimeout.com!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: One Bar Prison - Custom Design

One Response to Anc1lla – One Bar Prison in prison

  1. Steven says:

    Is it at all possible to have someone stuck in the one bar prison, but also wearing a chastity belt, so the poor would go in the back hole instead of the front hole?

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