MB050 - Hailey and Zoe in fiddle trouble

April 25, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

When we asked Hailey to do another session, she asked us if she could bring a friend. We didn’t expect someone like Zoe showing up! She is a model too, but she only wanted to watch Hailey’s shoot. After some convincing, and seeing Hailey in a RigidFiddle, she agreed to try it too! They are really close friends, which makes for some great interaction and cooperation in this update. They were going to need that, because we locked their wrists into each other’s fiddle! It’s an incredibly restrictive position for two girls! You really have to see the video of how the girls cope with this one!!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: RigidFiddle '8', RigidFiddle 'oo'

One Response to Hailey and Zoe in fiddle trouble

  1. Tim says:

    Wow! Great set! Hailey and Zoe you could be sisters…and than in rigidcuffs :)

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