MB071 - The collaring of Jenni C

September 19, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Jenni C is back! We tried to put her into a chastity belt, but she refused. Something to do with her being one of the top glamour models on the internet today and what-might-people-say. Hmm… so we have to take it a little easier on her, gently getting her into that chastity belt, bringing her closer to accepting it every shoot. A tight solid metal waist belt is a good start! And lots of other pieces of heavy metal and chain might also help to ease the transition into a MetalBondage.com pet slave. Jenni C as a slave girl, who hasn’t dreamed of that? There’s also some hands-on collaring in the video, a much requested scene! Let’s hope Jenni will be back to take it a little further!

3 Responses to The collaring of Jenni C

  1. alex says:

    great – we did see the collar go on.

    Even greater if the model was handed the collar for examination before it was put on – expressing – in words or body language “is my neck going to fit in there!!”

  2. Forestier says:

    Nice girl, nice steel. I’d like to see these handcuffs a little more apart, more like the width of shoulders, even a little more, so the breasts would show better. And I think her hands should have been set over the chain. And anklecuffs as well…

  3. roadie12 says:

    yes, as others have said nice girl, nice steel. it suits her to be in that position, more of her please

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