MB102 - A tough start for Mei-Li

April 24, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Not our usual six-point restraints for new Asian model Mei-Li, but EIGHT heavy steel bands that enclose her petite body. The combined weight of the steel is almost more than the weight of Mei-Li herself! Everything is connected by locks and heavy chain, and Mei-Li has trouble standing up. The thigh bands pull her waist band back, the ultra heavy ankle cuffs dig into her ankles. We tell her to sit down if it makes her more comfortable, but she says she can’t. So we make her stand around for a while, taking baby steps in her high heels, rattling her chains. Mei-Li’s introduction may have been a little tough, but she is still smiling!

5 Responses to A tough start for Mei-Li

  1. Sabine says:

    Very nice, but where is her chastity belt? Didn’t you have one that would fit her?

  2. DonGiraldi says:

    Hi, very nice girl with top body. Posture collar should be a bit higher (more giraffe), then put ankle and wrist cuffs giraffe style and very tight steel waist cuff. To make it complete put her on high heels

  3. Alex says:

    she looks so great with the Cuffs but i want see her to in Chastity Belt. Shes the Best

  4. Forestier says:

    Nice shoot. At least, she walks around with a nice chain rattle. But I still don’t understand why she couldn’t sit…

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