MB099 - Carie belted and crossed

April 3, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Carie is one of the most disobedient pet slaves ever! Which makes her fun to shoot and train, of course. We already chastity belted her in her last shoot, so it’s time to stop her struggling and complaining. The metal pipes are back, and since we like to tease Carie, we use snap hooks instead of padlocks to attach her wrists and neck to the cross. She can not reach them anyway. A ball gag keeps her nice and quiet… or so we think… Carie has a little surprise in store for us!!

One Response to Carie belted and crossed

  1. KM says:

    I think Tom is correct on a number of levels.

    If a chastity belt is a prop and a prop only, there is no use for a lock. You can’t strike down that fact, why? Because it’s a fact not an opinion. When the lock goes on, it must be understood that if you lock her up (which coincidently this week’s survey about). She’s in it for the long haul. You want to see a girl panic, smell genuine pheromones, have girl beg, promise you anything and the call you every nasty work in the dictionary all with no benefit for her, then the belt once applied, must stay put.

    Otherwise it’s a script, a scene, play, fantasy… Yes, make-believe. That is a condition that leaves men flat. There easy fixes to this. If downright refuses to wear it, politely ask her to leave your home. Take her things and put them in the car for her.

    Again, read the poll results, that says it all. If they’re coming in for a modeling job, then make it a mandatory 10 year, salary paid when needed for a shoot, attachments remain for the length of the contract. If she changes her mind, take back all the attachments and point out the clause that if she demands to be released from the terms of the contract, the pictures taken cannot be used and a full refund of monies paid for services that went incomplete should be written into any modeling contract.

    One statement that Tom made, “She lacks a chastity belt to be properly protected.” Without deliberately getting too far off the point, today’s chastity belts are to deny entry, even when no one is around. That is more than half the charm. She waits for you! Very few women need protection from violations of sexual law or dignity. What they do need is protection from the friends and neighbors that slither into your life and beginning slowly seducing your wife.

    A band of steel stops that and is the true feminine symbol of fidelity for her husband.

    Should all girls eventually be required to wear a chastity belt?

    Breaker Breaker, good-buddy, this here’s Rubber Duck and the answer to that question is a resounding Hell Yeah!

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