MB105 - Nipple clamps training for Leyla

May 15, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Wow, Leyla wants to take two steps at once! We told you she was very eager to be a MetalBondage.com model (see her first update here), so she wanted to get to the chastity belt stage in the second shoot already. And if that is not enough, she was really curious if she could handle nipple clamps. Not the weak sliding pinchy things, but the real deal: clover clamps! We decided to let her test them for herself. Watch as Leyla finds out how much these clamps hurt her huge boobs. Will she be able to keep them on her nipples for a while? Great stuff!

One Response to Nipple clamps training for Leyla

  1. Tom says:

    NICE! Someone should helpt Leyla with steel bound ankle cuffs, attached to the chastitybelt or collar, after she put on the nipple clamps. *Evil grin!*

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