MB158 - Natalia commanded to nipple clamp herself

May 20, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Natalia Forrest is facing a huge dilemma. We have her completely naked, locked in very heavy restraints. Her wrists are chained to the back of the extreme ‘boxing’ belt, and her pretty neck is locked in a big tight metal collar. She just wants to get out of these things. The spoilt British girl is used to having everything her way, and now she is even begging to be released. So we make her a deal: she will be released after she nipple clamps herself, one of her worst fears in the world. Natalia has super sensitive nipples, and the clamps we give her are the worst kind: Japanese clover clamps. Watch Natalia go through her ordeal, leaving her nipples marked after a very painful clamp removal. It may be the last time Natalia has modeled for us…

2 Responses to Natalia commanded to nipple clamp herself

  1. saibot says:

    “they are so heavyyy” :lol:
    She is awesome

  2. ndidi says:

    She’s such a hammy actress 😄 10/10

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