MB161 - Lady Roswell Ivory in the RigidSpreader

June 10, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Please welcome the Lady Roswell Ivory to MetalBondage.com! She is quite a high class British woman, but don’t be fooled by her posture and posh accent, Roswell is a true submissive bdsm player! We make her feel right at home by locking her into the biggest and heaviest collar we could find. Naked, Roswell Ivory is presented with the RigidSpreader and left to figure out how it works. She eventually works it out and pleads us to lock her into it, because it looks like fun. After about 30 minutes, all fun is gone however, and Roswell is behaving rather un-lady-like…

5 Responses to Lady Roswell Ivory in the RigidSpreader

  1. RA says:

    Ivory makes another great addition to your roster of models. I can’t wait until you get her back and hopefully in a chastity belt.

  2. TR says:

    Keep the chastity belt off. Fully Nude!

  3. Forestier says:

    Interesting model. I understand this spreader can be useful to keep a girl at hand, but we see nothing! By chance, we could see her before she put it on.

  4. Pat says:

    An other helpless state. You should have invited her boyfriend/husband

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