MB187 - The incredible metal reverse prayer!

December 9, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Ariel Anderssen! She is famous for her reverse prayers, but never has she done one in metal. In fact, this may be the first metal bondage reverse prayer on the internet! It is a brutal position that even challenged Ariel! Her second set on this website, we had to lock her into a chastity belt, the main reason why Ariel came to visit us (yes, she actually wanted to be belted!). And her reaction to the VERY tight custom metal collar? ‘Yaaay, I love it!’. What a woman, you really have to see this update to believe it!
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9 Responses to The incredible metal reverse prayer!

  1. Mark says:

    Unreal, I hope Ariel got paid good money to be in such a tight position. :(

  2. Tom says:

    So cute she went to you to wear the chastity belt.
    We thank her, but she will never buy her own?

  3. Richy says:

    Nice to see you guys pushing Ariel towards her limits, something that she loves. Here’s another little tip for next time. Try fixing her arms behind her so that they cross over each other at the elbows, and her wrists are touching the opposite thigh to form an X. (So right wrist touching left thigh and vice versa, then both wrists cuffed with a chain across the front of her body). Ariel is the only woman, apart from Simone Devon that I’ve seen do i (and it was fun getting her to do it as well ;)

  4. Jay says:

    I second it ,the above idea!! some thigh bands, ankle cuffs and nipple clamps would further spice up things !!

  5. ratratrat says:

    The chastity belt and locked reverse prayer bondage is incredible, but the lovely snug locked collar is absolutely breathtaking. Just think if it was welded shut permamantly Ariel, Just too sexy!

  6. robor says:

    its a wonderful collar. But could’nt ib be some centimeters higher next time?
    I love her tiny tits.Please never give her nipple clamps or a chastity bra.

  7. DB says:

    Very nice, especially the tall collar with its double loops. Hmmm the possibilities. Actually, there was a good metal reverse prayer on Restrained Elegance a while ago based on a fantasy dream sequence.

  8. Fido says:

    Where can a tall narrow collar order?

  9. DB says:

    I’ve just revisited this set – one of my favourites. I love the way Ariel looks as though she’s being punished for something she did (or didn’t do!). Try as she might she can’t get comfortable and that lovely close-fitting collar reminds her to be a good girl next time.

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